Being Friends With Abusive Ex

Good day my lovelies and how have you been keeping? I know that my blog has been receiving some attention and by that I know that someone out there is benefiting from my story.

Now, I also know that speaking about these issues in public can be very scary(I'm not stupid) or you may even feel ashamed to share your experiences, but I do truly believe that a problem shared is a problem truly halved.

Just as I share my story with you, your story may resonate with someone even more than mine does. We just have to speak up about this issue to help save another life - especially where children are involved.

If you are happy to remain quiet whilst reading my post, I totally understand that too. Please do hang around as I love having you here.

The questions today is: Should I Be Friends With My Abusive Ex?

Has this question ever crossed your mind? What were your initial thoughts? Did your final decision differ to your initial thoughts?

Thank you for simply taking the time to read my post and watch the videos.


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