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Money Problems = The BIG 'D"

Here I am at at a public speaking engagement called the Networking Mixer where I briefly talked about domestic violence.

NB - I do apologise for the poor footage as the reception on the night was poor.

I addressed the following key points:
1 ) what is domestic violence?
2) how does domestic violence start?
3) what are the myths of domestic violence?
4) effects of domestic violence on the sufferer?
5) My own story of getting out of a violent relationship? 

I attribute the cause of domestic violence in my relationship to be deeply rooted in the severe money issues we had.

So what is the solution?

1) Seek professional financial help and solve the root of the problem. 2) Seek professional help with managing one's emotions 3) Don't repeat the same mistakes. 4) Consciously find ways to heal. 5) And if all else fails?
6) Get out of there for the sake of your security and sanity - especially if kids are involved.

I was asked the question - so how and what am I doing to help my aggressor to work on himself?

Want to know my answer? Leave a comment in the box and I'll let you know.

Now on the subject of the BIG 'D', there is no doubt that even in relationships where there is no violence, money problems does cause Disagreement, Discord, Depression and Disputes.

With this being said, it is well documented that money problems in relationships is a contributing factor to Divorce.

I know and feel your pain - and the simple solution to halting this dreadful situation in it's track is to be taught money literacy.

On offer at Sawyerrs' House Money Literacy is a FREE 40 minute brainstorming session of your money issues. Take it up before the end of 2016 and start working on having a better 2017 and beyond.

If you delay any further, I cannot guarantee you that you will be able to avoid the divorce court, which will be costlier than the situation that you are currently in.

Until next time, make the right decision for your relationship.


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