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Freedom Of Expression

Even when a woman is free from her aggressor and getting on with life, there is still a very good chance that she is a prisoner to her previous life.

Isn't that such a shame? Life is a.......

Freedom of expression should really be freedom of expression. Period. The truth of the matter is that our confidence has been eroded so much so that we have to relearn how to build it back up.

We question everything that we do, or say, or even share with others about that dreadful past life - despite being free from our aggressor.

Are we truly free? I guess we are to some degree. I know for a fact that you can certainly feel total freedom when you tap into that untouched part of you which has been suppressed for far too long.

When all is said and done, you must just get on with it and believe that you are free to express yourself. Express yourself through your creativity.

If you haven't started to explore that creative flare of yours, now is the time to do so.

If you have no idea how to freely express your creative side but wish to do so, I'll be happy to help you.

Even better, if you want to use that hidden creative you to build wealth, I can also help you to do so.

If you already use that creativity that you were born with to freely express who you are, then I salute you. I hope that you are also using it to truly express what you really want to say...just like I do when I write these blogs and all that the brand Sawyerrs' House stands for.

This is for know who you are - I'll be waiting to touch base with you once you feel ready enough to get started.

I can't wait to catch up with you sometime soon.


  1. Break your silence, tell your story and build wealth at the same time.


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