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A Valentines' Day Gift From My Abuser

Hello ladies, it's been such a while. Can I please ask you a few questions. 

Does the title of this post ring mean anything to you? Have you ever been in a position like this before? Does the thought make you cringe? Ever felt like throwing the gift out the window? Hush...meaning be patient.

I want to address 1 very pressing question which may weigh heavily upon your heart just before Valentines Day.

Should you accept a gift from him(your aggressor) on Valentines Day even though you hate the idea of it?

This is my straightforward answer. Yes. Why?

Your aggressor may be that man who wants to feel like every other 'normal' man out there. He wants to feel that he is being loving towards his spouse despite all the aggression that goes on behind closed doors.

You and I know that if you refuse his gift, this could be a recipe for disaster. Another situation where he has ammunition to lash out may be the resulting outcome. You know he'll find another reason to look for a reason to argue with you for no reason whatsoever - sorry, that was a bit of a mouthful but you know what I mean. You'll be giving him another excuse to scream and shout at you when all you want is some peace and quiet.

Take the damn gift for the sake of your sanity. Take the gift, not because you need or want it, but because it'll keep the peace. Take it to protect yourself and your children. Take it to protect your face. Take it protect you - period.

Your time will come when you will NOT have to grudgingly accept his gift. For now, bite your tongue and pretend that you are happy to receive such a lovely gift.

I am wishing you a great Valentines and know that even if you don't feel loved by him, know that this post is my V-gift to you.

Even better, I have a book called Money: The Root "Curse" of Domestic Violence which is due to be released on 3rd April 2017. Feel free to pre-order your copy using either the US Amazon link or the UK Amazon link.

Hope to see you in the next post. 

NB - don't be a stranger and feel free to email me at with your questions or find me on other via social media platforms via the contact page on the website.




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