Money Literacy and The Church

Hello my lovely reader. How have you been? How was the Easter season and break for you? That's if you do celebrate the season though.

In this video, I am sharing my views and observations of what I have seen happen - or what isn't happening in not only the church, but many a group gatherings.

I won't say too much as the video says it all. One thing that I would like to say is that if you would like for me to come into your place of gathering(church or otherwise) to give a talk on money literacy,
I welcome you to complete this public speaking engagement booking form.

You can also email me or find me on any of my social media platforms.

The book that I am referring to in the video can be purchased using this link.

Disclaimer: the video is by no means a bashing of any establishment. Instead, it is bringing topics of importance to the forefront for discussion.

Thanks for stopping by and watching the video.

Much love,



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