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Deborah's Videos

Welcome to Deborah's videos where I share with you all things lifestyle focusing more on my journey as a survivor of domestic violence.

I will teach and share my stories with you, how my story relates to my online business, how money(or the lack of it) had an impact on my stories so that I can encourage you wherever you are in your journey.

I want us to interact more and there will be some poetry too.

My vision and mission is not to name and shame my aggressor whatever.

I will also share fun stories too - as there were some good times too. 

I hope that you will not mind me inviting you to join me on my other blog called Sawyerrs' House Money Lifestyle where I teach and educate on money literacy - as this could also be useful in helping you and your family become financially independent.

No doubt I will offer you freebies as keepsakes.

I am here to support, not judge you.

Thank you visiting my page and I look forward to connecting with you.

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Mr Wrong Hello my dearest. Did you miss my post called Mr Right? Check it out here . I do encourage you to check out The Freedom Programme website too for more information. Wishing you an awesome day, a prosperous 2018. Much love, Deborah.

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Should Women Invest Differently To Men? Money Literacy Educator As a woman helping and teaching women who have experienced domestic abuse the simple ways to create wealth for them, this topic such an interesting one. It's very easy for me as a single mum to use the excuse that as a woman, I need to invest differently to man. Why? Start Early - if you can From a young age, investment was discussed in my home by my late father. My dad was the only man in our household - as he had 2 daughters.  I invest so that I can create a financially safe future for my children and I. I also invest for the future education of my children as I DO NOT want them to have to borrow money for their education. I also invest as the job market is very risky right now - with there being no job for life. Ultimately, I would like to live off of my investments when the time comes to retire from the hustle and bustle. Financial Adviser or Not I've never actually had a long

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