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Published Books

Self help book for wealth creation for victims and survivors

Hello and welcome to the page about my published books.

My experience of domestic violence which was as a result of money problems in my marriage led me to write this book. The book is a short and easy read and it is designed with women in mind(although anyone can read). 

The book is by no means a pity party book, but rather, a self help for women who want to build or create their own wealth by starting small. 

The book also shares some wonderful times in my relationship - and some not-so-nice-times too.

I really hope that you enjoy reading it like I enjoyed writing it for you. It would be most helpful if you could also kindly leave a review on Amazon, even if that's only after you've read a few Phases of the book.

Complete and basic money literacy system for Kids

In addition to writing the book, Money: The Root "Curse" of Domestic Violence and my passion for money literacy, there is also the Play Your Cards Right complete and basic money literacy system for kids.

The system is designed with parents, guardians and teachers in mind so that they can teach their children about money. The system is made up of six flashcards and a worksheet booklet.

If you would like to connect with me on social media, a great place to find me is on my fan page Facebook. Why not join the growing community of parents, guardians and teachers who are keen to get our children educated in money literacy by joining my Facebook group. If you are a YouTuber, I have a channel dedicated to money literacy for kids which you can subscribe to.

Thanks for stopping by page and see you.


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