Stay Safe During The Festive Holidays

Hello my strong minded people and how has life been treating you?

By the time you read this post, we'll be just 3 days away from Christmas 2016 - wow, what a year it has been.

How has your year been so far? I really would love to hear from you, so please don't be too shy to reach out to me.

The holidays is a time when you may find yourself stuck and in close proximity with your abuser. I want you to know that things can quite quickly get out of hand what with the eating, drinking and merriment.

It is also the time of the year when a large number of domestic problems escalate. I have included the photo above which I want you to use as an encouragement to speak out about your plight.

Perhaps you are reading this blog and you've already escaped and managed to do so during a festive season like this - I would love to hear a word of encouragement from you in the comments box.

I am considering using the photo in this blog for the cover of an ebook I'm putting together for you - what do you think? 

2017 is going to be the

Bye for now and see you in the next post.


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