Should Women Invest Differently To Men?

Money Literacy Educator

As a woman helping and teaching women who have experienced domestic abuse the simple ways to create wealth for them, this topic such an interesting one.

It's very easy for me as a single mum to use the excuse that as a woman, I need to invest differently to man. Why?

Start Early - if you can

From a young age, investment was discussed in my home by my late father. My dad was the only man in our household - as he had 2 daughters.  I invest so that I can create a financially safe future for my children and I. I also invest for the future education of my children as I DO NOT want them to have to borrow money for their education. I also invest as the job market is very risky right now - with there being no job for life. Ultimately, I would like to live off of my investments when the time comes to retire from the hustle and bustle.

Financial Adviser or Not

I've never actually had a long term financial adviser, therefore, the issue of not been able to fully communicate and comprehend my investment needs has never risen. This is not to say that I don't appreciate that it can be a mind field when it comes to understanding many of the investment options out there.

Property Investment

Wherever you go or look, real estate or property investment is the name of the game. Even the biggest multi-million businesses like Mcdonalds invests in property. Luckily, I took a degree in Housing Management and Development - and worked in the same environment for 19 years.

This gave me a real taste for investing in property. 
Even if as a woman, one decides to employ the services of a financial adviser, I do not believe that it is necessary to have a female-focused financial adviser. I say so because I believe it is another way of shoe boxing women into a lesser or weaker category. Women already have enough to contend with in so many aspects of our lives. 

Gender shouldn't play in a role in how women or even men should invest, except if...

For example, a woman who has experienced physical or financial abuse from a man finds it much more comfortable to discuss her investment options with another woman. 

This is one of the reasons why I started Sawyerrs' House

Empowering Investment Events

Whenever I attend property investment networking events, it is usually filled with more men than women, and I can honestly say it is the most empowering feeling to be rubbing shoulders with men. 

In addition, investment is investment regardless of the gender. Therefore, I do not think that women should invest differently to men. Given the same chances as men, any woman can invest in whatever instrument she so wishes to - we just have to tailor the amount of money that we are able to invest in line with our affordability.

The Future

I will continue to invest for the short and long term regardless of my gender as my first taste and knowledge of investment came from my late father who always invested in shares. As a mother of 2 girls, I am already teaching them about the value of money, savings and how investment works. If you would like to watch a recent interview that I did with my 14-year old daughter talking about financial education, click here.

I would really like to hear your comments on this topic.

Until next time,

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