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How To Create Wealth With or Without Money

Hello my wonderful readers. How has life been treating you lately? I want assume that all has been ticking over as best as can be expected.

I've just written a post on my other website called Sawyerrs' House Money Lifestyle where I usually have a general discussion about all things money.

Deborah Sawyerr

I realised that the post that I just wrote should really have been for you as it is more geared towards your needs. The post is about a book I just released on 3rd April 2017. The book is titled, Money: The Root "Curse" of Domestic Violence.
Can you see why I say that it is more geared towards your needs. 

Please don't ask me what came over that I shared the details over there before I did so with you. I hope that you can forgive me.

Ok so without further ado, I invite to read the post by clicking here.

May I please kindly ask you a question if that's ok? Do you have kids? Is your child still of school age? Would you like them to learn about money literacy? If you've answered yes to these three questions, then I've got something that you may be interested in. 

How would you like to give me your thoughts on seven questions about 121 money literacy for your kids? As a thank you for your valued time, I'm offering one FREE virtual taster session to one child of the first five mums who take part. How does this sound? I'll leave facebook link here.

Thanks so much for help with this. I truly appreciate it.

That's all for today. Chin up and keep smiling.



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