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The Perfect Money Conversation

Welcome back to another post. I hope that you are doing really well. 

In today's message, I am going over a topic I have spoken about in the past but from a different angle.

It's useful whether you are in a heterosexual or same gender relationship. 

I have ten great questions you can ask and a bonus question too.

  1. Have you ever gone bankrupt in the past and how did this happen?
  2. Have you ever checked your credit score and if so, what has been your highest and lowest scores?
  3. How do you plan your financial future?
  4. Are you a risk taker when it comes to your money?
  5. What types of investment plans do you currently have?
  6. How many credit cards do you have and what are the balances on each of them?
  7. Do you have any outstanding loans including student loans?
  8. If you found yourself in a financial pothole, would you consider seeking help from a professional?
  9. Have you ever held a joint bank account with an ex, friend or family and if so, how well was it managed by all parties?
  10. Do you get angry or violent when loved ones tell you that you are being frivolous with your moneyAnd 1 final bonus question.

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