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The Perfect Money Conversation

Welcome back to another post. I hope that you are doing really well. 

In today's message, I am going over a topic I have spoken about in the past but from a different angle.

It's useful whether you are in a heterosexual or same gender relationship. 

I have ten great questions you can ask and a bonus question too.

  1. Have you ever gone bankrupt in the past and how did this happen?
  2. Have you ever checked your credit score and if so, what has been your highest and lowest scores?
  3. How do you plan your financial future?
  4. Are you a risk taker when it comes to your money?
  5. What types of investment plans do you currently have?
  6. How many credit cards do you have and what are the balances on each of them?
  7. Do you have any outstanding loans including student loans?
  8. If you found yourself in a financial pothole, would you consider seeking help from a professional?
  9. Have you ever held a joint bank account with an ex, friend or family and if so, how well was it managed by all parties?
  10. Do you get angry or violent when loved ones tell you that you are being frivolous with your moneyAnd 1 final bonus question.

Maximise Your Settlement During a Legal Separation

I've been wanting to write about this topic for quite some time. I was waiting to gather more real life examples of the experiences of real people,

At this point, I'm going to focus on speaking to women because I want us as women to learn the power in letting go of that anger and frustration which comes with legal separation and divorce.

If you are a gentleman reading this, then, I hope you'll be pleased with what I have to say. Please do share you thoughts below if anything I say resonates with you. Thank you.
How often have you heard couples who are going through, or have been through a bitter separation talk about both parties agreeing amicably?

I know that there are a handful of cases, however, it's quite natural to feel aggrieved whenever a relationship ends - for whatever reason it. Adultery or infidelity probably ranks very high as one of the culprit of adding to the level of rage experienced by one or both parties.

Here is the thing ladies. Get angry. Get mad. Scream. Cry. Lament. Seek sympathy. Once you've done all of that, dust yourself down and eat some humble pie! Yep, I said it, eat some humble pie. It'll save you lot of money in the long run.

There will come a time when you need to have a discussion about settling on things such as properties or assets with financial value. At the same time, you'll have your legal team who's ready to argue on your behalf.

It's the job of your legal team to defend your case in court. What I'm about to say is NOT to put any legal professional out of pocket. Rather, it's to help one woman(or more) maximise her settlement when it's all over and done with. 

Ladies, if you know in your heart of hearts that you can afford to split the settlement 50/50, then do so. 
Your sanity is more important than walking away with 70%. More importantly, your legal team wants you to argue about the split. The more you argue, the more paperwork is generated. The more you are charged for the work that your legal team is doing. Of course, you could quite easily receive an 80% share in the long run. It's time to do the maths! 

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